The government’s massive spending to stem the tide of rising unemployment is counterproductive. The adoption of policies that promote business investment, lower taxes and reduce the regulatory burdens on business will create the strong economic force needed to turn our economy around. Read More


Our country is drowning in a sea of debt with uncontrolled government spending and a tax system that fails to support the continued growth that our nation’s economy needs. Read More


The values that were important to our forefathers when they founded our great country are the values that are important to me. Read More


I believe that environmentally safe energy exploration in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Reserve (ANWR) and the Outer Continental Shelf is an important component of this comprehensive energy legislation. Read More

Health Care

I believe that America’s health care system is worth saving. I believe that its problems can be resolved in such a way that no one loses their current health insurance or their right to choose their own doctor. Read More


Education is the key to Tennessee's and the nation’s future. Tennessee needs an education system that provides its students with the skills that are necessary to compete and succeed in life. Read More


The security of America’s southern border can be improved by increasing the number of border enforcement agents, completing and enhancing the current fence and implementing the use of new technology. Read More

Second Amendment

Gun control proponents across the country are trying to limit and take away the right of individuals to possess firearms. Such actions are both unconstitutional and a threat to our liberty. Read More

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