Health Care

Health Care

doctor-899037_1280.jpgMany Americans are currently living without health insurance. Health insurance has become too expensive because health care has become too expensive. It has become a terrible cycle. When people do not have health insurance, they do not make use of preventative health services. They delay acquiring health care and become more likely to visit the emergency room for non-urgent needs. This drives the cost of health care up which in turn drives the cost of health insurance up.

Yet, despite the increasing cost, our current health care system has many positive attributes. We need to build upon these. But, there are also changes that can be made to our current health care system that would not only lower costs but also provide patients with the care that they need, want and deserve. A government run health insurance program is not the answer. It would take control away from the doctors. It would threaten employer sponsored health insurance. But, most importantly, it would limit individual choices. Government run health insurance does not work. It doesn’t work in the countries that have it. It won’t work in America.

I believe that America’s health care system is worth saving. I believe that its problems can be resolved in such a way that no one loses their current health insurance or their right to choose their own doctor. But, our solutions must be fiscally responsible so that affordable health care can be expanded to include both early detection and prevention yet not limit patient choice and patient-doctor control.

We must reform malpractice law to eliminate both excessive medical liability costs and frivolous lawsuits. We must also insure that reimbursement to providers is at levels that will allow them to provide continued care to their patients.

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