shopping-cart-1275480_1920.jpgI have practiced law in the Tennessee Valley for the past 23 years. During the course of my practice, I have worked with many small and diverse businesses. Small businesses have created about 80% of all the new jobs in our country during the last 20 years. The creation of new jobs and technology is fueled by the innovative entrepreneur and the small business owner. I am also one of those small business owners.

In order for our economy to rebound during this current economic crisis, we need strong job growth. We do not need more government intervention. Many have turned to Washington to fix the economy. We can only hope that our politicians don’t make things worse by increasing taxes and regulations on small businesses.

The government’s massive spending to stem the tide of rising unemployment is counterproductive. The adoption of policies that promote business investment, lower taxes and reduce the regulatory burdens on business will create the strong economic force needed to turn our economy around.

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