Chattanooga Times Free Press Endorses Chuck Fleischmann

Times Free Press
While not having the name recognition garnered by being a fourth generation dairy industry magnate or sharing a last name with an eight-term congressman, Rep. Fleischmann has one thing that the other candidates don’t: A voting record.

When pouring over that voting record, some very positive things stand out. For example, Fleischmann voted against Obamacare, and votes to repeal it at every opportunity. He voted to defund NPR, trim Congressional office budgets by 5 percent and expand responsible offshore energy exploration.

Fleischmann also sponsored some very good bills, including H.R. 3318, which would eliminate the capital gains tax for two years. That bright idea would stimulate economic growth by allowing more money to be invested back into the economy, rather than by being captured – and largely wasted – by the federal government.

On the whole, Fleischmann stands up for free market, limited government legislation more often than not. He has pledged not to vote for any tax increases. His voting record displays a consistent commitment to addressing the most pressing issues of the day in a reasonable, fiscally responsible way.

We endorse returning Chuck Fleischmann to the United States Congress.

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