A Proven Conservative



How I Voted:

YES on HJ Res 37                                        

Joint Resolution nullifying the FCC's "net neutrality rule, which puts the federal government in charge of managing traffic on the Internet.

YES on HR 1229

Requires the Interior Department to expand the area of the outer continental shelf available for oil and natural gas drilling.

YES on HR 1216

An amendment to bar funds for training in abortion procedures and to bar funds to support institutions that discriminate against health care providers that refuse to provide abortions.

YES on HR 1540                              

An amendment that would require all foreign terror suspects accused of attacking the United States or its personnel to be tried by a military commission.

 YES on HR 2219

An amendment that would bar the use of funds to contravene the Defense of Marriage Act.

YES on HR 2219

An amendment to bar the use of funds to train military Chaplains in implementing the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

YES on HR 2560

A bill that would raise the debt limit contingent on Congress placing a cap on federal spending and sending a constitutional amendment to the states that would require a balanced federal budget, a cap on federal spending and require a two-third vote of Congress to raise taxes.

The American Conservative Union named me as a "House ACU Conservative.".  As the Chattanoogan said " The ACU Conservative award is considered the gold standard of lawmaker ratings, and is given only to those who receive scores of 80 percent or above in the American Conservative Union's ratings of Congress."

I ran for Congress to represent commonsense conservative values and am pleased that a top conservative organization such as the ACU has recognized my work.  I have worked tirelessly to support legislation that will reduce the size of government, protect the unborn, and return our nation to its founding Constitutional principles.

I also received the endorsement of the United States Chamber of Commerce, which has a goal of electing a pro-business majority in Congress and works diligently in support of interests of businesses large and small to advance legislation that encourages economic growth, job creation, and a less intrusive federal government.  I will continue to fight for small businesses and private-sector job growth in the United States.  I ran a business for 25 years and know the challenges they face each day.  That is also why I introduced my own jobs plan that is based on a less intrusive federal government, and undoing the harmful policies and regulations put in place by the Obama Administration. I am the proven conservative that businessmen and women can count on to continue fighting for them in Congress

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