May 08 2012

Chuck Fleischmann responds to President Obama’s “To Do List”, releases his own

CHATTANOOGA, TN – Congressman Chuck Fleischmann responded to President Obama's "To Do List" for Congress, and released his own "2012 To Do List".

"I agree we must put returning veterans to work using the skill sets they have developed while defending our freedoms, but the rest of the President's list calls for more of the same failed policies that have prevented our economy from coming back faster and stronger, while never making one mention of our national debt. As I did with my jobs plan last year, today I want to offer a 'to do list' that focuses on less government, getting our fiscal house in order, and returning America to a country focused on success – not division," Fleischmann said.

Congressman Fleischmann's "2012 To Do List":

1.)   Replace President Obama

2.)   Fully repeal/overturn ObamaCare

3.)   Implement the Path to Prosperity Budget

4.)   Cut red tape so American businesses can prosper

5.)   Scrap the current tax code and reduce tax burdens across the board

6.)   An exploration-based energy policy

7.)   Put returning veterans to work using skills developed defending our freedoms