Jun 25 2012

Chuck Fleischmann comments on the Supreme Court ruling on Arizona’s immigration law

 WASHINGTON – Congressman Chuck Fleischmann made the following statement after the Supreme Court upheld part of Arizona’s S.B 1070 law, while striking down other provisions. 

“The Supreme Court decision today underscores the need for the federal government to step up and enforce our nation’s laws.  The very fact that Arizona saw the need for S.B. 1070 is the result of the Obama Administration’s failure to secure our border.  While the Supreme Court did strike down parts of the law, they upheld the law’s core provision.  The State of Arizona has to live with the consequences of illegal immigration daily, so I am not surprised that they saw the need for this action.  It is my hope that the Obama Administration will finally step up and start enforcing federal immigration law,” Fleischmann said.

Passed in response to the Obama administration’s lax enforcement of federal immigration law, S.B. 1070 allows Arizona law enforcement to ask about immigration status during a lawful stop if there is a “reasonable suspicion” that a person is here illegally.  Although the Supreme Court struck down some provisions, this part of the law was upheld.



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