Jul 19 2012

Chuck for Congress launches fourth TV ad, “Huckabee”


 CHATTANOOGA – Chuck for Congress has launched their fourth TV ad, “Huckabee.” Starting this week, the ad will run on cable and broadcast TV in the Knoxville media market.

In this ad, Governor Huckabee talks about Congressman Fleischmann’s proven conservative record, and urges East Tennesseans to re-elect Chuck.

Script for “Huckabee” (TV :30):

Narrator: "Governor Mike Huckabee...”

Governor Mike Huckabee: "My friend Chuck Fleischmann is a good man. He’s a devoted husband and father, a committed man of faith.

“Chuck puts the people of Tennessee first, and that’s why he voted against Obamacare, and voted for $1.6 trillion in spending cuts, and saved Tennessee taxpayers $50 million.

“He’s pro-life. Chuck’s endorsed by the National Right to Life, and Chuck is endorsed by the NRA.

“Send rock solid conservative leader Chuck Fleischmann back to Congress.”

Chuck: "I'm Chuck Fleischmann, and I approve this message."

Click here to view the ad.



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