Stand With Hobby Lobby

Show your support for Hobby Lobby as they fight against the Obama Administration's infringement on their religious freedom. read more

Scottie Mayfield Named Honorary Chairman of Chuck Fleischmann’s Campaign

Scottie Mayfield has endorsed Chuck Fleischmann’s re-election campaign, and been named Honorary Chairman of the campaign. Mr. Mayfield is the President Emeritus at Mayfield Dairy Farms, and was the runner-up in the 2012 Republican primary between Congressman Fleischmann, himself, and Weston Wamp. read more

Fleischmann campaign responds to Weston Wamp announcement

CHATTANOOGA – Congressman Chuck Fleischmann’s campaign responded to Weston Wamp’s campaign announcement. "Of course Weston Wamp is running. He never stopped running after the 2012 election – except for the few months he thought about running in another Tennessee congressional district. He comes from a family consumed with politics and is simply continuing that tradition; his announcement comes as no surprise," Fleischmann campaign spokesman Jordan Powell said. read more

Tennessee Survey

After five years in office it seems clear that President Obama's policies, both foreign and domestic, are simply wrong for our nation. His economic policies are bankrupting our nation, our debt is increasing at an alarming rate and spending continues to be out of control. read more

Obamacare Costs Oneida and Scott County Schools

One of the problems with enacting a bad law, a law that hasn't been carefully crafted, with free and open debate, and the input of all groups, instead of just one political party is that you frequently get unintended, bad consequences. read more

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The values that were important to our forefathers when they founded our great country are the values that are important to me. Read More


The government’s massive spending to stem the tide of rising unemployment is counterproductive. The adoption of policies that promote business i... Read More
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