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May 21 2012

TDOT: I-75 ready for Memorial Day drivers


CAMPBELL CO., Tenn. (WVLT) -- We're just days away from one of the year's biggest driving holidays.

How will I-75 hold up to Memorial Day weekend crowds?

It's steady but slow going on I-75 as TDOT contractor crews keep working to rebuild the interstate.

"They are doing tremendous work here and getting the job done," said Congressman Chuck Fleischmann
us congress, third district

Rep. Fleischmann and State Representative Dennis Powers stopped at the landslide site Tuesday to see the mountain of work ahead.

"You've got to be on site, to actually see it, to experience the magnitude of the slide, of the problem and of the solution," said Rep. Fleischmann.

He serves on the House Transportation committee. Fleischmann says Federal Highway Emergency funds will help pay for the project, at a total cost between $9 and $12 million dollars.

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