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Mar 23 2012

The Second Anniversary of Obamacare

Today is the second anniversary of the signing of Obamacare into law.  Usually an anniversary is a reason for celebration, but I don’t hear anyone out cheering for this one.  The vast majority of Americans objected to the process used by Democrats in Washington to push this bill through Congress.  Who can forget Nancy Pelosi saying we would have to read the bill to find out what was in it? 

Democrat leaders in Washington insisted that Americans would like the law once they became more familiar with it.  Now, two years after its passage and knowing all there is to know, it remains hugely unpopular.  

The American people had it right.  Obamacare is not good for our country.  Simply put, it is a bad law.  Everyone admits that it costs more than we can afford.  It’s caused thousands of Americans to lose their employer-based health insurance. It’s driven up individual premiums and its forced cuts to Medicare.  Precious dollars that could have been spent improving our healthcare system have instead funded new federal government programs to operate it. 

What a mess!  And all because the Democrat leadership in Washington and President Obama refused to listen to the American people. 

Well, I am listening.  And I hear a continuing and growing chorus of Americans who favor the full repeal of this law.  You have my pledge; I will continue to work as hard as I can to make sure Obamacare is fully repealed even if we have to do it piece by piece. 

What do you think?  Leave me a comment below.

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