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Feb 18 2012

Celebrating Presidents Day

In less than 9 months, our nation will be faced with selecting our next President.  As we celebrate Presidents Day this year, it's a good time to reflect on our most successful past Presidents and the important character traits they brought to the job.   

When you ask historians to name our greatest President, most will quickly identify George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  They rate these leaders as great because of their moral character and principled leadership.  Both Washington and Lincoln governed our nation at hugely critical points in our history and both were successful because of their integrity and their vision for our country. 

Today, our country is again at a crossroads and it is our valued right to vote for the person we want leading us through these crucial times.  We are facing unprecedented economic and financial challenges and a genuine leader is desperately needed.  I encourage you to take some time today and reflect on the characteristics that you want to see in our next President.

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