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Jun 06 2012

Congratulations Governor Walker

Yesterday, Governor Scott Walker and the people of Wisconsin stood tall for our conservative values.  His victory last night in the recall effort against him proves once again that people want less government, not more; less spending, not more; less taxes, not more. 

It is important for conservatives everywhere to continue to fight against the big government, reckless spending policies of the Democrats.  We can't let up for a moment in our efforts to restore good Conservative values to America.

Again, congratulations to Governor Walker and the people of Wisconsin.  You are showing the way!


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  • G.R. Brabson

    06/10/2012 10:23 PM

    Please don't claim that Walker is showing the way. A true conservative: 1) Is clear about his positions when he runs and 2) Works for a balanced budget by looking at both revenue and spending. Walker did neither. Nor did he show any willingness to work maturely with those who disagreed with him.