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Nov 10 2011

Have You Honored A Veteran Today?

Like most Americans, when I think of our veterans, my thoughts turn first to family.  My Dad served proudly and with honor during World War II.  Along with millions of other proud veterans, he returned to our country to build a good life for his family and community.  The "Greatest Generation" didn't ask for anything but a chance to live the American dream.

Veterans Day was first observed as Armistice Day to honor the end of World War I.  As our nation fought in other conflicts Congress changed the holiday from Armistice Day to Veterans Day. 

Surprisingly, there is still some confusion over the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day.  Veterans Day is the day we honor all living veterans.  Memorial Day is the day we honor all of our military who have passed away.

As we observe Veterans Day this year, I hope you will take the time to seek out one of our Veterans and thank them and honor them for their unselfish service to our country.  Somehow, I don't think our Veterans will mind one little bit if, as we honor them, we also say a prayer for all who have sacrificed all to keep us free.

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