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Jul 10 2012

Another Bleak Jobs Report

The latest jobs report just came out.  Once again the news is not good.  The President campaigned last week in Pennsylvania and Ohio and tried his best to spin the bad news in a positive way.  He insists that jobs are coming back.  I don't know how you feel about the President's rhetoric, but it sure seems to me that he is out of touch with reality. 

Let's look at the statistics from the Labor Department.  The unemployment rate remains at 8.2%.  That means 12.7 million Americans are out of work with another 8.2 million underemployed.  Especially troubling to me is the high unemployment rates among minorities and young people. 

In June businesses in the US were only able to add 80,000 new jobs.  Even the Obama Labor Department says we need between 150,000 to 200,000 new jobs a month just to stay level.  How is it then that the President can preach that “jobs are coming back?”  Like I said, I believe he’s out of touch and not willing to accept that his economic policies have failed. 

We must set a new course.  With your help this November we will do just that by electing Mitt Romney President, taking back control of the Senate and maintaining our Majority in the House.  Let me know that you are in this fight with us!  Leave a comment here.

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