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May 29 2012

“Chuck on the Job” at McDonald’s

My son, Chuck Fleischmann, continued his "Chuck on the Job" initiative last week by reliving a job he had growing up – scrubbing floors at McDonald's for $2.10 per hour. Last Thursday, he worked a shift at the McDonald's in Kingston, where he scrubbed floors and tables, served food, and talked with customers.

My son was a hard worker growing up, skills I instilled in him after learning them while serving in the army during WWII. He even had to start living on his own at 16 after his mother died and I had to take a job in another state to keep food on the table. He worked hard with his wife when they started their own business about 25 years ago, and he hasn’t forgotten where he came from.

Click the video to watch a short recap of his McDonald's shift last week.

He has worked about a dozen "Chuck on the Job" shifts since taking office 16 months ago – including power washing a bridge, cleaning hotel rooms, and selling Hallmark cards – and he will continue to do these as long as he is in office. He believes it is important to hear from employers and employees who know the daily struggles of the current economy. After watching the video above, will you please click here and give him some ideas of other places he should work a shift.

Chuck's the proven conservative and hard worker in this race. Thanks for supporting my boy.

Max Fleischmann

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  • Kathy Pearson

    05/31/2012 07:26 PM

    It's good to see that you're out there, interacting with real people!
    I also like the phone "town meetings"...but, I've missed most of them because it caught me at the "wrong" time. If I knew when you were going to hold a phone "meeting" I would be able to plan my schedule accordingly and be able to participate...I'm sure I'm not the only one this would benefit. Perhaps you could send an email notifying those you plan to call with the date and approximate time of your next call?

    I look forward to the next call!

  • Michael Reedy

    05/30/2012 03:49 PM

    Chuck, I would like to suggest that you spend a day forming and pouring concrete. However all of these Jobs are being done by Undocumented workers. The other day a friend told me he just had two more parking places added to his driveway which involved a small excavation, forming and pouring and finishing about six yards of concrete. Two local companies bid the Job at over $5,000 each. A Mexican outfit bid and got the Job for $2,000. Concrete is roughly $100 a yard. That leaves the labor difference at $3,300. I dont know what the undocumented workers were paid, but ill bet they are not paing any income Tax or property tax.If they have an injury they go to the emergency room and say "no comprende" and walk out free. How are we going to create jobs for our people as long as these illeagles are operating at will? I made a good living in construction for37 years with a highscool education. The jobs I did for the first ten years are ALL being done by Undocumented workeers. They are not there for the young guys coming of age and home from the military.If I had not become disabled i would be on welfare today. Please send these people home. Fight Holder and Obama tooth and nail and keep America going.You have done a good Job so far and i ame sending you a small check for your next campaign Little Waaaamp and Scottie"tire man " Mayfield have nothing on you. Also dont give th U. N. any power over us that they dont already have. Hilliry clinton is wrong to push the treatys through that she has ben working on. Sha is another traitor. Thank you Michael Reedy

  • Jeffrey D. Morrow

    05/30/2012 01:17 AM

    I few weeks ago I heard Steve Rathern, Obama's form Car Czar on CNBC stating that individuals should be allowed to own individual stocks. Ironically the very next day was when JPMorgan Chase lost $2 billion.

    I like to see Chuck show individuals the importance of personal finance. I like to see Chuck to go to both a brokerage firm and some type of financial company to show how little it takes to get started.

    So many people today believe one must have a lot of money to get started, but entrepreneur does not always require a lot of cash.

    Just a thought!

  • Randy Russell

    05/30/2012 12:00 AM

    You got to know Chuck that mopping floors is not impressing anyone. Do your job in D.C. That, not the money nor the professional handlers will get you reelected. Just saying...I am neutral in this race so far.

  • Carol Weaver

    05/29/2012 08:41 PM

    A good place for Chuck to work a shift would be National Digital in Chattanooga. I would suggest he work in finishing.