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Dec 12 2011

Mr. President: We’ve passed 27 Job-Creating Bills!

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve heard President Obama refer to the “do nothing Congress,” and frankly, I’m tired of this snide remark and misrepresentation of the FACTS!  

The FACT is that Our Republican led House has debated and passed 27 separate pieces of legislation that would immediately help small businesses create jobs and help get our economy back on track. 

So, you ask, why then haven’t we heard this good news and why isn’t our economy on the mend?  Well, that brings us to the next FACT:  The Democrat-led Senate has refused to bring even one of these job-creating bills to the floor for debate or a vote.

If the President wants to continue to point fingers and say that Congress is doing nothing to help, he needs to set the record straight!  It’s the Chamber being led by his own Party that is keeping us from getting back on track. 

But we aren’t going to stop.  House Republicans will continue to work as hard as we can to help small businesses get Americans back to work.  I continue to believe that Washington's ongoing spending binge is a threat to American job creation.  In fact, we are pushing hard to ensure that President Obama can't continue to recklessly spend taxpayer money.  We made that commitment in our "Pledge to America" and it is important that we work toward that goal.

It's time for Senate Democrats to stop playing politics with the economy and get serious about working together.


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