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Jun 13 2012

Want More Events Like Riverbend?

The Riverbend Festival runs through June 16.  It's a great event for all Tennesseans, but especially for the people of Chattanooga and the 3rd District.  My family and I have for years, enjoyed going and listening to the great music - a perfect way to start our summer.

The benefits to our greater community for hosting Riverbend are far reaching. I believe we need more events just like it!  But to do that, we must create a strong economy that will allow more businesses to participate.  

I am working hard to get rid of stifling regulations that are hampering our economic growth in Tennessee and our nation.  Most business owners will tell you that our economy won't grow until we get the government off of their backs and out of their business.  If you agree and want to be part of the solution, sign up here to be an active member of our team.

If you agree with me, I hope you'll decide today to be part of our campaign team!  Just click here and sign up!

I encourage you to come out and enjoy the Riverbend Festival and hope to run across you there.
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