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Oct 29 2011

A Failure to Govern

For the last month we have listened carefully to President Obama as he has insisted that Congress should pass his jobs bill. The President has insisted that only his plan will work, and if Congress just cooperates it will solve most of the economic issues confronting us. He has even called on the American people to contact members of Congress to insist that they vote for his bill.  

The sad fact is the President doesn't even have a plan. What he does have is a hodge podge of things that have already failed. Spending more money that our country doesn't have is certainly not the answer. The President has some ideas that Republicans will support, but not if he insists on an all or nothing game of political brinkmanship.  

It appears that the President has decided to stop governing and start campaigning for re-election. That is a disservice to the American people. They want and deserve a leader who can and will work with the opposition. That is what it means to govern. The easiest thing for the President to do is just blame Republicans for his own failure. He has done that for three years now. The thing is - the American people are smarter than that.

We need long term solutions to our economic problems. Small businesses are the foundation of our economy. Ask any small business owner and they will tell you that their business plans are for the long-term. They cannot develop a viable business plan that is short term. That is why the President's short term solutions will not help. Until he starts to govern again instead of campaigning for reelection, we will continue to face an uncertain economic future.


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  • Jean Barnes

    11/08/2011 07:11 PM

    This president calls for bipartisanship yet only accepts it if it completely agrees with his vision.

    I know you cannot speak openly regarding what is going on, however I do hope you all realize that Obama is on a global vision of some sort that is completely in opposition to our Constitutional Republic form of Government.

    He speaks of Democracy (which we are not) and globalization, international law etc. I would like to see action to get him impeached.