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A Proven Conservative InfographicThis is a grassroots campaign for Congress.  We are relying on the support and backing of voters across Tennessee.  We encourage you to complete the form below and tell us why you are supporting Chuck for Congress. Our plan is to use your endorsement on our campaign blog and in emails to voters.  Thanks for your support!

Here's What Others Are Saying

Doug K:

Chuck has the right stands for issues that are crucial for this nation. He is a man of integrity.


He is working to protect the constitution and our rights as citizens.


Congressman Fleischmann is a positive conservative voice in congress.


I truly appreciate your work in supporting our veterans. Once our veterans are discharged from the service they are like forgotten warriors. My father was a WWII Navy vet and suffered severely from PTSD. Every urgent crisis we drove 3 hours for help. Now my son is a Marine Veteran who served in both Afghanistan and Irag. He too suffers from PTSD and multiple health issues that our private doctors have attributed to contaminates they were exposed to in Kandahar. The doctor who performed his physical exam for disability last week informed my son he was 32 and there was no reason he couldn't work and all of his issues could be treated. He flashed his badge in his face and told him he was a professor and taught doctors. I guess that gave him the right to disrespect my son and belittle him in a way that has thrown him back into a severe depressive state. Countless other veterans fight the system in need of help and who is fighting for their rights. Please stand up for my son and all other veterans that are subjected to long drives and minimal assistance. People need to know how many homeless veterans exist without means of support finanacially and lack proper healthcare. It is a shame our system lacks so severely. Our veterans should be lifted up for their service and not beaten down and disrespected due to both mental and physical disabilities. You need to send out a message loud and clear that our Veterans do matter and that we will honor their service. Thank you for all your service to help our veterans.